Reclaim, Restore, Re-Home


Reclaiming Our Leather History – a non-profit foundation

Mission: To locate, reclaim and re-home Leather Community Historical items from around the United States and other Countries.

It is our vision to find Leather Memorabilia that has been misplaced, stolen, put up for sale or auction; to then purchase these items and return them to their rightful homes where they can be appreciated through our community clubs, contests, libraries and museums.

First Successes:

  • Reclaimed through Ebay; January 2015 – Mr. Dallas Eagle 2001 Title Vest and Contest poster
  • Reclaimed through Ebay; February 2015 - Chicago Trade-Winds Leather Club button
  • Reclaimed through Ebay; March 2015 - 1992 Centaur MC Mal San Francisco Leather Weekend run pin

What you can do to help:

Look for those auctions and estate sales!  

Let us know when you see Leather items that have been put up for sale or auction.  You can notify us or you can purchase the item and donate it to the foundation.  

You can help with assistance of funds and supporting fundraisers for the foundation to make purchases.

We'll also need local contacts to help us to identify the story behind the found items, the rightful owner(s) or best possible fit for donation and custody transfer of the items purchases by the foundation.